How to Celebrate F1 Win

In an agreement announced Tuesday, F1 says Ferrari Trento has been named the F1's official sparkling wine in the partnership that will run for the next three years. The Italian company's sparkling wine bottles will be used on podiums after each race, and its products will be available at F1's Paddock Club and other official venues.

It is not the first time Ferrari Trento wine has been featured on the podium, which has been used in the past at the Italian Grand Prix. Simone Massey, general manager of the Lonely Group, said: "We were on the podium of the Monza Grand Prix in 1981, so we have beautiful pictures with the stunning champions ever since.

Max Verstappen niieuws have already tasted Ferrari, but now we're partners, and we can't wait to be there." While champagne is traditionally used at the F1's podium event, it has not been used exclusively throughout history.

After decades of using most wax champagne after the race, sparkling wine producer Chandan has been on the podium since early 2016.

However, in the middle of the 2017 season, F1 announced a formal alliance with champagne producer Carbon.

F1 CEO Stefano Dominique:

F1 CEO Stefano Dominique said there was no room for the game to break with tradition and forge a new sparkling wine deal between champagne. When asked why the game decided to switch, he said: "The answer is straightforward: its product quality and company quality. That's why our relationship has improved." Dominique hopes that Ferrari Trento Dale can open the door to the game in the future by trying to do something different with podium events.

Recently, the F1 experimented with using GoPro cameras on champagne bottles to offer a unique view of podium events. "I want to make sure that, along with the Ferrari Trento, being an exceptional Italian product, I want to make this celebration somehow different," he said.

With no alcohol on the podium for races in the Middle East, the first podium to showcase Ferrari Trento will be the Amila Race in April. Popular champagne events will look different in the upcoming F1 season. After 2017, the podium spray bottle was provided by champagne producer Carbon.

However, a statement on Tuesday said that the Ferrari Trento had been named the official sparkling wine of the Formula One Championship. Do an agreement that will see the Italian company on the F1 grid for the next three years.

The sparkling wine will appear on the podiums after each race. The Italian wine company's products will be available at F1's Paddock Club and other motorsports locations.

However, this is not the first time the company has been around the F1 grid in the past. The company is excited about returning to the forefront of motorsport racing and will once again be part of the post-race celebration.

Just weeks away from the start of the season, but the first race in Bahrain. Therefore, due to alcohol restrictions, it will not be seen shining on the prestigious podium. However, when they race in Amila, drivers will get a taste of their podium finish.